The most exciting part of gardening has to be the planting, but how do you go about choosing the right plants for the right place in the garden?

Over time, I have developed my knowledge of growth rates, plant combination and display. Taking into consideration all factors which will affect the health and establishment of all plants within a design, I select the plants that will thrive and make the most impact within the conditions they are placed. Along with this, I also bear in mind maintenance constraints when planning a design.

I will consider any size of project whether it is a few select plants or many for much larger projects. By carefully selecting the right combination of plants to thrive and bring a space to life, I can ensure the seamless flow of continuity in a garden that is both interesting and pleasing on the eye.

“At the heart of Alex’s work lies an intimate knowledge of plants, and careful consideration of how plants relate to one another and behave in different situations. He transformed an unruly part of my garden into a manageable border of interesting and beautiful plants.” – Anna, London